I want to try out the TurboGears framework, having read an article about it on MacDevcenter (O'Reilly). It said, well, it's kinda like Ruby on Rails (again, another O'Reilly's article) but with Python.

I went to the website and when I want to download the framework, it said if I have the python installation that comes with OS X, then I need the newer python (2.4.x). So, there gone my intention to stick with python 2.3.5 that came with OS X. But never mind, after testing a few things, I'm pretty sure they are not that differ on OS X anyway. Also, many packages now offer 2.4.1 framework installer packages along other versions. Also, since I used 2.4 framework before, I'd say that there's not much problems, apart from some inconsistency (which probably due on my part). So, I installed 2.4.1 framework. (Don't forget to install the TigerPython24FIx package).

Also, according to the TurboGears website, don't forget to change the $PATH variable so that /usr/local/bin comes before /usr/bin. This will ensure the python command means the 2.4 version, not the 2.3.

Will report experiences with TurboGears (and possibly with comparison with Ruby on Rails; judging solely on my own experiences with it) if I have enough time.