Background: I just changed the OS on my PowerBook, from OS X to OS X Server. Now I'm during the reinstallation process of things.

I use Python a lot in my works. It's really nice language and can get things done pretty fast (especially if you have some hacking experiences in funcional languages). I used to installed MacPython 2.4.1 framework when I was using OS X, it worked fine. However, I just feel that maybe the stock python 2.3.5 that shipped with OS X might be just fine, too, and probably (correct me if I'm wrong) has less possible conflict with things. Therefore, I decided to give the stock 2.3.5 a try.

Well .... it doesn't use readline. (So, basically you can't recall the previously entered command via arrow key; quite inconvenient). So, I searched the through the net and found the two solutions:
  • Get the TigerPython23Compat from http://pythonmac.org/packages/ and readline for stock Python 2.3.0 (from same page). I got there, however, the website wasn't responding to the download (error 503; service unavailable).
  • This solution
So, I was forced to use the second solution (though I know that I will eventually have to find the way to get that TigerPython23Compat package, since it would allow me to install lots of packages from that site; when the service is available again, of course). Here is the short summary:
curl -s http://www.pycs.net/bbum/2004/1/21/readline.so.gz | gzip -d -c | sudo cat > /Library/Python/2.3/site-packages/readline.so
Been there, done that.

Now my python works nicely. Start reinstalling packages now :-)