Back to March 2005 ...

I wrote in my old blog at blogspot about a CNet news Intel shows off Mac Mini-like concept PC.

In that blog article, I wrote lots of things about how and why the Mac mini will be superior to Intel's design. The advantages of Apple are not in the hardware space, but rather in the software. Or even better, the hardware+software combination, which defines platform experience. So, I ranted about that Intel effort.

Seeing what I see today, one thing become clear to me.

Just ... what if ... Apple will be the one to do that job (read, it's the Mac mini after all)? (Well, Intel plans Viiv media center technology anyway).

Apple annouced Intel-transition at WWDC earlier this year. Mac mini and iBook are expected to be the first to make the transition (according to lots of rumors and predictions, my own ones included. Of course, ThinkSecret has an article about this).

Well, .... nothing much in this blog. Just a thought about what I wrote in March strikes me. What Apple has, what Apple wants, what Intel has, and what Intel wants. If one of the common pursues is the living room and platformization, both of them know no better ally.