The Myth

I had a high hope for this, having seen the trailer and seen the MTV music video of the main score. Seemed pretty interesting and very promising. Especially with all the hypes this movies created before it hit theatre, I was hoping for something I could easily give a 8-9/10 or, in other words, something that is at least better than:
  • The Siam Renaissance. info [siamzone.com] (also known as "Tawipop (ทวิภพ)")
  • Timeline. info [imdb.com]
  • Highlander (first one only). info [imdb.com]
  • Troy. info [imdb.com]
And on par with:
  • The Last Samurai. info [imdb.com]
  • Glory. info [imdb.com]
  • Hero. info [imdb.com]
Especially seeing the premature rating of 8.3 from IMDB (currently, checked before writing this blog, is 7.1), I had high hope. (After all, Last Samurai is currently 7.9 and Hero, one of my favorite modern historical Chinese movies, has 8.1).

So where do I begin? OK, since I have no idea, I will just list them off here:
  • Plot integratibility: There are several sub-stories that just shouldn't be there. They can't fit them in together and make a clear, believable, make sense, storyline. Several of those are just ridiculous and god-knows-why they were there. After all, why is the Indian portion? Is it all just business (they want to break into India market)? The only thing that make senses is something about Samsara (reincarnation).
  • Plot holes: Of course, when you have several subplots and can't integrate them well, this is one thing to certainly follow. A lot of things are left unexplained and that's not something similar to the sense of Memento or Brazil which seems intentionally leave you with questions.
  • Timeline: This one has to be carefully taken care of, especially when you're dealing with time. Well, the timeline of the movies is confusing. Meng-Yi's legendary sword should be gone with the Indian prince/king/whatever as an exchange or reward and then buried with him at his floating tomb. But what was in Meng-Yi's hand at his ending climax battle? There are many others.
  • Scores: A rather good part. However, too many themes are not original. Many are slightly modified version (or should I say almost ripped-off? of something I heard before, like from Requiem for a Dream and King Arthur
  • Effects: Sorry, what year is it? I thought it's 2005 not 1995. The ending scene in the floating tomb of the Qin emperor look nothing believable, as if someone without any sense of reality did it. Many artifacts are easily visible even to the untrained eyes.
  • Poor Science: How can gravity choose to appear and disappear in the tomb? How can a space rock (we should have plenty of them on earth, actually) have such gravitational-defying property? Hmmm.....
  • Anti-Climax Ending: For me, the movies ended after the climatic battle between Meng-Yi and the horde of army. That is really climatics, a good scene and really tragic and emotional ends. However, what happened next? We got another cheap and even laughable fight scene between Jackie and an Evil Professor.
  • Ending itself: What? A dedication to his friend only? What about a single line dedicated to a fairly girl who waited for him for 2000 years? I don't mind a sad ending (it actually should end like this), but ... well, at least there should be something for her.
  • Actings: Poor at best. Jackie Chan just not suited a role of mighty Qin general.
Some good things:
  • Score: I still like it.
  • How it ends: Even though I dislike that ending-fight and ending, I like how it ends. It would be really suck if Ok-Soo (the Korean princess) escapes with Jackie. She waited 2000 years for her undyling love, holding a promise. Since Jackie, in any case, isn't Meng-Yi so her wait couldn't be fulfilled. She got a reward she always wish for; a death. A tragic ending is suitable for the movies' tone.
  • Attempt to explain old Chinese's Myth: According to the legend, Qin emperor built his tomb in heaven, so they try to make some scientific explanation and recreation of it through the anti-gravity, floating palace.
  • Actresses: Hee-Seon Kim and Mallika Sherawat ... hmm.. guys can like this movies just because these two, probably. They are great representative of Asian-style beauty (Hee-Seon for the Chinese/Japanese/Korean type and Mallika for Indian type).
  • Can't think of anything else
In short: A let down. Not recommended unless someone pay for you. If you want to see, wait for a VCD or DVD come out and rent it. Definitely does not worth effort and money for the theatre. If you are not a fan of movies of this kind, then it might be even pointless. If you want to see Mallika, she only appears shortly so it doesn't worth. If you like Jackie Chan, then, well, it's not even a typical Jackie Chan movies.

Official site: here
IMDB information page: here