If you're, like me, feeling sick of various (and often inconsistent) faces (themes) of Mac OS X, and you don't want to mess around (or pay for) with Unsanity's Shapeshifter, you might want this one.

I admit that once I used to like the brushed-metal theme when I just made a switch. The theme look cool at the first grant and still cool for another while. But the brushed-metal was unnecessary visually heavy and introduced inconsistency into looks and feels of OS X applications.

Eariler this year with OS X 10.4 Tiger, Apple had introduced yet another theme, known by Mac users as Unified which, in the way I see it, is a hybrid of Platinum theme of earlier Mac OS and Aqua of OS X. I quite like this new Unified theme since it is simple, closer to zen-minimalism, friendly to the eyes, and still cool (somewhat).

I tried several ways to change the look of various apps into Unified theme before, successed in some cases (Safari, notably), and failed in others. It seems to me that the only way is to apply the approach similar to Shapshifter, changing the theme and textures entirely.

UNO just does that. In their own words, UNO brings the sunken unified toolbar, titlebar look and feel to every single window on the system, be it metal, aqua, alread unified, whatever).

I am really happy with this. The consistency of the look and feel is great, the color and eye-friendliness is great. Once again I feel I can work on my powerbook for a long period of time without feeling tired because of the those aforementioned problem.

Screenshot: (click for full-size)

Next question: With the recent emergence of Burnt Aqua (or iTunes 5) .. would it replace the brushed-metal for the iApps and Unified replacing basic Aqua?

If so, I welcome such a change, but there has to be more consistency than Brushed-metal & Aqua days.