What is Quartz Composer (QtzC)?

Quoting the Quart Composer Programming Guide (in Tour of Quartz Composer section):
Quartz Composer is a development tool provided with Mac OS X v10.4 for processing and rendering graphical data. Its visual programming environment is suited for:
  • Developing graphics processing modules without writing a single line of code
  • Exploring the visual technologies available in Mac OS X without needing to learn the application programming interface (API) for that technology
In short, QtzC is an environment/tool for Visual Computing. It provides a rich set of functionalities to deal with graphical/visual data. This (should) make it easier to make a graphical visualization for such data.

Based itself on Apple's various graphical and other supporting non-graphical technologies; Quartz 2D, Core Image, Core Video, OpenGL, QuickTime, MIDI System Services, and RSS, QtzC should allow us to utilize these technological advantages, easier and simpler than before. (Say ... I don't want to write codes to do simple works; why can't I just drags, drops, and make connections as in Interface Builder? ... QtzC should allow me to do this).

It should helps us not with just the tasks mentioned above, but with various other works too. Basically, it looks pretty much like a barebone for Motion, another greate graphical content-creating system from Apple. At least it utilizes the very same set of technology.

So, creative artists should get excite about it too.

I haven't played with it much though. Will report back again when I play with it enough (and have some real work & real fun done with it).

By the way; it seems that developer community had been a little bit slow on this. There aren't that many tutorials for QtzC on the web. However, the Programming Guide from ADC is easy enough to read and to follow. So this might be enough.

Now I plan to maximize the technological advantages of OS X for extending my current project; SISViz. So, studing this Quartz Composer, Core Image, Core Data, and all the rest now ;-)

So maybe I will have to complain about time flying too fast again. Since I don't really make progress on studying GRASS GIS, recent developments in Complex System Theory and Cellular Automata, etc, either.